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What are the advantages of agricultural crawler equipment?

What are the advantages of agricultural crawler equipment?

By JinKuang, June 01,2021 03 Comments

In the fruit harvest season, our staff need to quickly transport the fruits to the consumer market in a short period of time. Due to the lack of transportation machinery in mountain orchards, this problem has become increasingly prominent, which has seriously affected the development of the orchard planting industry and the improvement of the economic benefits of fruit farmers. .

But friends who work in this area are not confused by the problems mentioned at the beginning of the article. What is the reason? , Agricultural crawler trucks have solved this problem, and in this way this equipment began to appear around us at work.

Advantages of agricultural crawler equipment

In order to facilitate single-person operation, simplify the structure, reduce costs, and maintain the flexibility and stability of the vehicle body, the single-track transport vehicle device is selected as the core device for the agricultural crawler transporter. In this design, gasoline engine is used as the power source, the single-track transport vehicle mechanism is used as the walking system, the worm gear drive and chain drive are used as the drive system, and the belt tensioner is the clutch. The structure of the whole vehicle is simple and the operation is convenient.

The agricultural crawler transport vehicle adopts the modular design concept, which is composed of four parts: power unit, transmission system, crawler transport vehicle system, frame and widening device.

At present, self-propelled large-slope single-track and double-track conveyors have emerged in the country for vertical transportation in mountainous areas. However, horizontal transportation still relies on traditional livestock hauling and trolleys. Power machinery is urgently needed to solve the problems in mountain orchards. Transportation issues. Taking into account the special terrain conditions of the mountain, through the comparison of several transportation modes such as wheeled, crawler and hand-held, the crawler structure is selected.

But we can choose the equipment to use according to our own working conditions. If you need this equipment, you can call our company's contact information to understand the product docking with our staff.

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