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The essential operation guide for the first time using a small roller

The essential operation guide for the first time using a small roller

By JinKuang, May 22,2021 03 Comments

Small rollers are simple to operate and easy to use. They are easier to operate than large rollers, and they can also complete tasks that large rollers can’t. That said, you still need to master some operating procedures in use. If you don’t know this well, then Let's take a look at the article. I believe this article will bring you a different visual impact. Let's take a look at the article below. Looking forward to your reading, thank you for your attention.

1. The operating procedures of small rollers:

1. When the roller is used for the first time, because the parts are new and the surface is rough, it cannot be operated for a long time.

2. The operator should read the manual in advance to understand the performance and structure of the roller when using the roller for the first time.

3. Since the parts are just assembled, they have not been put into use normally. Once it is affected by impact or heat during use, it is easy to loosen the originally tight parts.

4. Before starting construction, check whether there are obstacles or unrelated personnel around the machine.

5. When two rollers are working at the same time, keep a distance of 3 meters between them. In order to avoid collisions and accidents.

6. The roller cannot be placed on a slope when it is parked. If it needs to be placed on a slope, the wooden stakes must be built to prevent it from slipping off.

7. Do not repair during use. If any malfunction is found, stop immediately and check the cause of the malfunction. If it cannot be resolved, call the manufacturer in time for repair.

8. Do not use road rollers to drag other machinery or objects. The roller must be used in accordance with the correct operating procedures, so that the roller can work better and have a longer service life.

2. Advantages and characteristics of small rollers:

1. The extra-large water tank reduces the trouble of refilling water back and forth, and increases the continuous working time of the equipment.

2. Vertical vibration, large excitation force and high compaction efficiency.

3. There is an automatic compression polyurethane automatic cleaning scraper on the steel wheel to prevent soil and asphalt from accumulating on the steel wheel and make the compaction smoother. The adjustable and foldable operating handle brings a comfortable operating environment to the operator, and is convenient for transportation or storage after folding.

This section gives you a brief introduction to the operating procedures of small rollers, but due to the limited number of words in the article, I can only share it with you. If you have other questions to understand, then you can continue to pay attention to our website, because Our website will be updated in the future, and we suggest that you pay attention to it patiently.

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