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HTM800 Remote Control Crawler Lawn Mower

Project Information

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Introduction of HTM800 Remote Control Tracked Lawn Mower

Remote Control Operation: Users can control the movement and operation of the Lawn Mower with a special remote control, even from a location far away from the machine, which improves the convenience and safety of operation.

Eco-friendly design: Many of the Smart Remote Control Crawler Lawn Mowers are powered by electricity with no tailpipe emissions, while noise is properly controlled to be more environmentally friendly.

With a Lawn Mower, users can easily complete their lawn mowing jobs, saving time and energy while enjoying the convenience of technological advances. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the correct operation and maintenance of the equipment in the process of use to ensure its long-term stable operation.

HTM800  remote control crawler lawn mower parameters

Product Name Remote Control Grass Shredder
Engine Model KOOP air-cooled diesel engine 186/192/195
Power 8/11/12HP
Size 130*80*70cm
Traveling motor 650W brushless motor
Working width 80/100/120cm
Power system Oil-electric hybrid
Working height 2-20cm adjustable
Weight 260kg,270kg,285kg
Remote control distance 400m

HTM800 Remote Control Track Mower Details