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HTS360 Mini Skid Steer Loader

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Description of HTS360 Mini Skid Steer Loader

Skid loaders are also known as skid steer loaders, multi-purpose engineering vehicles, and multi-functional engineering machines. It is a wheeled special chassis device that realizes the steering of the vehicle by using the difference in line speed between the two sides. It is mainly used in occasions where the work site is small, the ground is undulating, and the work content changes frequently.

It is suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial applications, terminal loading and unloading, urban streets, houses, barns, barns, airport runways, etc., and can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery. There are two types of skid steer loaders: wheeled and tracked.

Main performance parameter of HTS360 Mini Skid Steer Loader :





Max 5km/h


Briggs & Stratton

Machine width

1090 - 1150mm

Load weight (kg)


Unloading height


Bucket capacity

0.15 m3

Bucket width


HTS360 Mini Skid Steer Loader Images