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Lawn mower,Large remote control lawn mower

Project Information

Project Description

Large remote control lawn mower Instruction

All-terrain remote control hydraulic platform

一.  Name meaning

All terrain: strong adaptability, good passability

Remote control: wireless technology, remote control

Hydraulic: It is the transmission mode under the oil medium

Platform: can be equipped with a variety of functions

Large remote control lawn mower Configuration

二.  Overall size

 Length, width and height of equipment 2*1.4*1.2m (not including mower),

2.8*1.4*1.2 (including mower)

Equipment weight 1.2 tons (not including mower), 1.36 tons (including mower)

The length, width and height of the mower is 1.4*0.8*0.56m, and the weight is 160kg

三. Configuration

1.Yanmar 3-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled direct injection engine, 28.2KW diesel engine, the maximum horsepower is about 40 horsepower, the maximum speed is <3200.

2. Italy imported hydraulic system, electric proportional servo system.Original imported hydraulic pump

3.Hydraulic motor double drive travel, France Poclain travel motor

The motor has a two-speed system, autonomous parking and remote parking, low-speed maximum speed of 4km/h, high-speed 8.6km/h. It can be remotely controlled, so that the machine can be easily changed in different operating environments, and the control is more convenient and quick. All low-speed ranges Support 0 to the highest speed stepless speed regulation

4.Support omnidirectional maximum tilt angle 55-60 degrees

5.Independently researched and developed two-way fan system to support regular and mandatory cleaning of the cooler cover (optional)

6.Increased rubber track to support the grip under large-angle working conditions

7.Cooling system

The customized oil-water integrated heat dissipation system can achieve effective heat dissipation under any environment allowed by the machine.

8.Hydraulic accessories

Hydraulic hose (Continental brand). Pipe joints. Oil pipe quick joints (Spain), fuel tank filters, cylinder components. Solenoid valve components

Large remote control lawn mower Images