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Polyurea Elastomer Two Component Chemicals

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Project Description

CNMC-900 Polyurea  Elastomer Two Component Chemicals

The Material is the state of the art 100% solids, flexible, spray-applied, high build, two components, fast set, and aromatic pure polyurea elastomer. The system consists of A component, a quasi-prepolymer rich of free NCO, and B component, a mixture of polyetheramines, amine extenders and other additives. This ultra high-strength, high-elongation polyurea can be sprayed onto virtually any surface configuration and to any thickness. It is excellent for interior and exterior applications. it is used by itself or in combination with other materials to produce armored under pan anti collision and friction coatings, liners, wearing courses, and resilient surface. It can produce an extremely tough film at all thicknesses; it may be applied in all positions and to any suitably prepared substrate.  It is relatively moisture and temperature insensitive, allowing application in the most problematic ambient conditions. It is the optimum choice where a tough, flexible, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, anti-collision, skidding resistant surfacing system which exhibits extraordinary performance characteristics. 

Polyurea is an ideal product for many containment applications. It can be applied to virtually any surface. Concrete, steel, aluminium, wood and foam are a few examples of the types of surfaces that can be coated. Polyurea offers high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance, excellent durability, and excellent flexibility and is inert (won't leech anything into containment area).

Tensile Strength/ MPa




Tear Strength/( N/mm)


Shore Hardness


Abrasion Resistance /(GB/T 1689-1998, cm3/1.61km, mg)


Friction Coefficient


Impact / (Height arm of fall, 100cm)

No cracks, No spalling

Adhesion/ (Pull off, MPa)


Density/( g/cm3)



Physical Properties:

Product Characteristics:

VOC (calculated)


Gel Time/s


Tack Free/s


Shelf Life

10 months, unopened at -10~40 ºC

Mix Ratio V/V

1: 1

Recommended Spreading Thickness/mm