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CNMC-R Remote control Polyurethane Spray foam machine

Project Information

Project Description

CNMC-R Remote control Polyurea Polyurethane Spray foam machine

1.The big size cylinder makes the spraying more powerful and the atomization effect better.

 2. The heated hose of the new Upgrade machine CNMC-E3 heats up faster and can heat up even higher temperature.

 3. The machine contains the electric leakage protector to prevent machine leakage and human electric shock, and improve the safety performance of the machine.

 4. Add Voltmeter and Ammeter , so The voltage and current conditions inside the machine can be detected every time

 5. The electric circuit design is more humanized, engineers can check the circuit problems more quickly

 6. The machine adds handrails which makes it easy to move, the appearance design conforms to the principle of artificial mechanics.

7. The quick opening door is installed ,easy to access to do maintenance.

8.Adpot some technology from Glass-craft USA brand ,heated hose and spray guns can be used on both machines.

9.The heated hose voltage is lower than the human body safety voltage 36v, and the operation safety is more higher.


Product Parameter:

Model : CNMC-R

Power source : 110V/220V380V

Heating power : 7.5KW

Driven mode : Pneumatic

Raw output : 2-12kg/min

Maximum working pressure : 11MPa

A and B chemical output ratio : 1:1

Max hose support : 90 meters

Machine size : 750×540×1120mm

Machine weight : 139kg