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HT750 Remote Control Wheel Lawn Mower

Project Information

Project Description

Wheel lawn mower parameters 

Model : HT750

Whole machine size


Packing size


Whole machine weight


Cutting width


Adjustable height


Cutting height


Walking speed


Working slope


Minimum distance from the ground


Operation method

Remote control walking,

remote control knife disc lifting

Walking Way

Wheel walking

starting mode

Hand pull/electric start

control voltage


Engine Brand

LONCIN(Optional brands Yamaha, Dajiang)

Engine Power


Engine Type

Vertical axis four stroke

Features of wheel mower

1. Fast weeding, 2000m2

Choose Chongqing Longxin brand four-stroke engine, which can weed 1300-2000 square meters in 1 hour, and the orchard weeding efficiency is high.

2.Fast rotary cutting of weeds with a height of 20~150mm

Remote control is flexible and free, with 360-degree rotation on the spot, fast rotary cutting, saving time and effort

3. The effective control distance is 200m

The remote control device adopts 2.4G communication technology and can be controlled mechanically at a distance of 200m.

4. The height of the chassis can rise and fall at will

Remote chassis lift increase with function buttons, the chassis height can be adjusted flexibly according to the site to use, easy to operate

5. Smart design is simple and convenient

It adopts the design principle of the combination of Italian rotary cutting technology and European and American working environment, intelligent weeding, simple and convenient.

6. First-line brand Yamaha engine

First-line brand engine, Yamaha. Hard core power, high power, low energy consumption.

Preparation before turning on the wheeled remote control lawn mower:

(1) Be sure to confirm the tightness of the screws of each component before starting the work.

(2) Turn on the power key switch of the machine, pull the right control lever backward to hold it, and then press the on/off key of the remote control to turn on the remote control.

(3) After the remote control is turned on, a beep will appear, indicating that the machine matches the remote control normally.

(4) Engine start; (Hybrid fuel and electric power comes with throttle and emergency stop)

A. Release the brake on the right side of the engine (the flameout switch is also disconnected);

B. Twist the left throttle counterclockwise to the end (this opens the engine throttle at the same time);

C. Pull the rope of the hand plate hard to start the engine;

D. After starting the engine, adjust the throttle to the appropriate speed in time;

E. Operate the remote control to mow the grass.

Wheel lawn mower Images