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HT10 mini excavator shipped to Russia

HT10 mini excavator shipped to Russia

By JinKuang, May 11,2024 03 Comments

HT10 mini excavator is a small and efficient excavator, which is widely used in urban construction, land preparation, road maintenance and farmland water conservancy. The following are the main features and parameters of this model:

Compact size: HT10 mini excavator has a small size and light weight, which is suitable for flexible operation in narrow space.

High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting advanced hydraulic system and power system, it is characterized by high efficiency and energy saving, which can improve working efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Multifunctionality: Equipped with a variety of working devices and accessories, such as buckets, jaws, etc., which can be adapted to different construction environments and work requirements.

Easy to operate: Equipped with humanized operation desk and joystick, easy to learn and reduce the difficulty of operation.

Safe and reliable: Made of high quality materials and advanced technology, it has stable performance and reliable safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators.

Convenient maintenance: the key components and lubrication points of the machine are reasonably laid out, easy to maintain and repair.

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