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Maintenance issues of China's top ten brands of mini excavators

Maintenance issues of China's top ten brands of mini excavators

By JinKuang, July 26,2021 03 Comments

Because the working environment of small excavators is often more complicated and harsh, the normal service life cannot be guaranteed for high-intensity construction tasks in a complex environment without standardized maintenance. Therefore, small excavators emphasize the importance of maintenance operations, during which the addition of smooth media is one of the effective protection operations for machinery.

Because of the differences in the operation methods and conditions of each part of small excavators, small excavators, and tailless excavators, there are strict requirements regarding the refueling cycle of each smooth point, the amount of refueling each time, and the method of refueling. Requirements. When the excavator needs to add lubricating oil, the driving and maintenance personnel should strictly implement the requirements, and can not add a little oil at will to finish the job, it is difficult to meet the lubricating requirements.

The structural type and operating conditions of the excavator's operating position determine the amount of refueling, and there are usually clear regulations and requirements in the excavator's operating instructions. The protector and maintainer should make appropriate supplements in accordance with the operating instructions, the oil level or dipstick and the window of the excavator. Excessive filling of lubricating oil will be harmful and useless.

Strictly speaking, this is a misunderstanding in conceptual understanding, and only fuel directly participates in the work. Adding lubricating oil generally refers to adding lubricating oil between the conflicting pairs that move with each other, filling the bumps with it, and maintaining a smooth oil film of a certain thickness, to reach the two surfaces that separate the conflicting pair and reduce the conflict. The purpose of resistance and wear reduction, as well as cooling mechanism and sealing. These effects of adding lubricating oil are indirectly supporting the work of the fuel.

The smoothness of walking equipment and maintenance of excavator parts should remember the smoothness of the fan. If it is used, the registered air port should be opened first to ensure excellent ventilation to reduce internal pressure. Before operation, check whether the height of the smooth oil surface of the excavator meets the requirements. If it is lower than the normal oil surface, add the same type of smooth oil in time. Each bearing of the traveling mechanism has been filled with enough lubricating grease during installation, and there is no need for daily refueling. The lubricating grease can be replenished once every two months through the oil injection hole or the bearing cover, and it is dismantled, cleaned and replaced once a year. Smooth fat. Apply smooth grease once a week to the meshing parts of the open gears.

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